Civil Policy, a lobbyist for the people

"A man's property is the fruit of his industry; and if it may be taken from him under any pretence whatever, at the will of another, he cannot be said to be free."

-Samuel Adams


Founder Bio

Alexander Castagno is President of Civolicy and is a registered lobbyist in Utah. He enjoys making music, cooking, and spending time with his dog. Alexander comes from an immigrant family that migrated from Brazil. While living in Brazil, Alexander witnessed the unfortunate circumstances that the citizens found themselves in because of a government that was full of self interested bureaucrats. He vowed to do all that he could to make sure that his own home would not turn out the same. He has a passion for politics and for the involvement of his fellow state citizens in local politics. Alexander has served in the Governor's Office, and he has also served for a member of the United States Congress. During these experiences, Alexander met advocacy specialists and gained valuable knowledge on how to pursue his own advocacy efforts. Alexander has a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Utah and is attending George Washington University for a Masters in Political Management.



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