South Salt Lake Liquor Law Changes

Civolicy took part in making change happen in South Salt Lake yesterday as the city approved a liquor law repeal. President of Civolicy, Alexander Castagno, stood before the City Council Wednesday while representing local businesses that serve alcohol in the area and encouraged it to vote in favor of making changes to the liquor laws.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the changes include: South Salt Lake no longer has a quota on the number of breweries within city limits, small brewers no longer have to meet a five-barrel production minimum, brewers and other alcohol manufacturers who buy or lease old buildings and warehouses now will be able to choose the type of upgrades they make, alcohol manufacturers must install pedestrian lighting and landscaping to their building, and restaurants no longer have to report gross sales to the city and work permits are no longer required for those selling alcoholic beverages.

These changes could attract more breweries, distilleries and wineries in the area. They encourage the growth of local businesses and most importantly give more freedom back to the people.

Stephanie Black