Civolicy only focuses on a few issues per year. This guarantees that the maximum amount of quality can be put into research, and passing policy. Below are the issues we are tackling this year and why.





Alcohol Control

The state owned Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) has a complete monopoly on the sale and control of alcohol. Year by year the department gains more control and stiffens the freedom of adults. Real conservative values call for less government intervention in personal choices, but in Utah, this is not the case. Utah is unique in a way where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the state year round, and have a different experience during each season of the year. From Park City to St. George, Utah is growing rapidly into a large hub for tourism. Utah has also become an attractive state for business, and people are moving in by the thousands. It is a fact that those coming from other states and from around the world drink. By forcing moral values upon all who visit or decide to reside in Utah has turned the state into a laughing stock. Adults deserve the right to choose to drink, or to not drink. It is not the government's decision to impose a sense of prohibition. It is Civolicy's goal to work with restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries, and all of those who have an interest in the economic growth of this great state in order to end the state government's overreaching power.


Teen Suicide and Mental Health

The leading cause of death of young Utahns age 10-24 is not from accidents at the lake, automobile deaths or even cancer. It is from suicide. These young men and women with their lives ahead of them have felt there was no more hope and nothing worth living for. Utah is ranked 5th in the nation for suicide deaths. A person dies from suicide in Utah every 14 hours. Death by suicide is 11 times higher than by homicide. This is an epidemic among all ages and change must start at the grade school level through education. Mental illness and how it affects a person's life needs to be a real conversation within Utah. It is as serious as any life threatening physical disease. Current laws and practices are not enough. Current law states that educators, social workers, and mental health specialists only need two hours of training on suicide prevention. The lack of care and attention on this issue is resulting in the loss of young lives. Civolicy's goal is to work with families, educators, mental health specialists, physicians and all who have been affected by the tragedy of suicide, in bringing forth solutions. Solutions should include: comprehensive training for leaders, increased public awareness and a curriculum about mental health, suicide, and bullying at all public and charter schools across the state. We can no longer look away and allow our youth to believe there is no more hope or no light left. There is hope, and it is our civic responsibility to give them light.

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