2018 Legislative Session Portal

The power of the people starts here. Use the information below to find live bill information and how you can make a difference.

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  • The steps that are in yellow is where your voice will make a change. When a bill is at this step, you can contact the legislators that will affect the bill and tell them to vote for or against it
  • Committee steps will require you to contact ONLY the legislators that are part of that committee, a committee legislator list will be provided by subject using the contact form below, you will be added to the Civolicy Citizens Advocacy Society
  • When a bill goes to the floor, contact YOUR legislator, you can find your legislators (Senator and Representative) here:

Things to remember

  • The best way to contact a legislator is through calling or e-mail. Not all of them check social media
  • Voting times can change and can be tricky to follow. Don’t worry! Civolicy will let you know when you should contact them, all you have to do is make that call
  • When contacting your legislators, make sure you are contacting your State representatives and not your US representatives
  • Follow us @civolicy on Twitter for even more updates

Suicide Prevention

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Alcohol Laws

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